Canberra Source Urban

Integrated Water Resource Management

Non-linear systems

  • Interactions between Sources, Demands and Governance
  • Feedback loops

External Drivers

  • Population Growth
  • Climate Change / Variability
  • Economic Prosperity

Overview of Source for Urban

Headworks System

  • Involving the bulk transfer of water

Regional scale

  • Cities, Supply Areas, Regions


  • Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term


Source Urban: A Quick Tour

Node Link model

  • Nodes represent elements in our water resource system
  • Links represent pathways between these links

Ordering System

  • Rules based ordering system
  • Network Linear Programming (NetLP) Ordering System
Source Overview

Sources and Demands


  • Centralised
  • - Surfacewater

    - Groundwater

    - Alternative Sources

    - Desalination

  • Decentralised
  • - Rainwater Tanks

    - Stormwater Harvesting

    - Waste Water Recycling


  • Urban, Agricultural, Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Recreational, Environmental and Cultural
Residental Non-Residental Non-Revenue
Surface Water Recycled Water Groundwater Other

Water Supply-Demand Strategy for Melbourne 2006 - 2055 - Melbourne Water

State of the Environment 2011: Independent report to the Australian Government Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities - DSEWPC


Source Tools for Analysing Results

  • Export any parameter or variable of interest
  • Interrogation of results and input data
  • List of warnings and errors
  • Graphing and analysis tool

Error minimisation

Modelling efficiency


Data from Victorian Water Resources Data Warehouse


Issue of hydrological scale

  • We are interested in headworks systems
  • Interaction with larger scale systems - Basin Scale
  • Interaction with small scale systems - Decentralised Sources

Nested Source Models

Upscaling Techniques

Interacting with Source

Internal and External Hooks


  • Restriction Curves
    Modify system variables based on the system state
  • Expression Editor
    Calculate Mathematical Expressions
  • Custom Functions and Plug-ins
    .net Framework Language


  • Commandline.exe
  • Batch Files
  • External programs

Expression Editor

14*COS(2*PI()/365*tsDayInYear) + 7*SIN(2*PI()/365*tsDayInYear) + 120)*0.5

Custom Functions and Plug-ins

    public class ET_001 : ICustomFunction
    public static double HargreavesET(double so, double t, double tMax, double tMin)
        double solaPerHeat = so/l;
        double temp = Math.Pow((tMax-tMin), 0.5);
        return 0.0023 * solaPerHeat * (t + 17.8) * temp;

Command Line and Batch File

RiverSystem.CommandLine.exe -p "Canberra.rsproj" -v "$Demand=100" -o "Demand100.csv"
RiverSystem.CommandLine.exe -p "Canberra.rsproj" -v "$Demand=110" -o "Demand110.csv"
RiverSystem.CommandLine.exe -p "Canberra.rsproj" -v "$Demand=120" -o "Demand120.csv"
Command Line Demonstratrion

Multi-Criteria Optimisation


Source Seamlessly Couples with Insight


  • Repeatedly running Source
    Investigate decisions
    Expose trade-offs
  • User Defined Objectives
    What our decisions will be measured against
  • User Defined Decision Variables
    The leavers we can operate to impact our decisions
  • The results are a range of Optimal Solutions
    Not a single solution
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Source for Urban: A Tool for Integrated Water Management?

Water resources investigations

Planning options assessments

Infrastructure investment

Alternative sources investigations


The impact of decentralised sources

Optimisation with Insight

Further Information

eWater Source for Urban: Source for Urban




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